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Evening Debates

A fundamental reappraisal of the status and health of the profession
To celebrate our 120th anniversary, the RIBA Journal, in association with partner Gerflor, presents a programme of four debates that examine the fundamental role and raison d’être of the profession and asks whether it is fit for purpose in a fast changing world.
The over-arching aim of the 120 series is to carry out a fundamental reappraisal of the status and health of the profession and ultimately to establish whether the RIBA, the architectural profession and its associated media and educational establishments are providing architects with the skills, support and representation they need to survive and flourish in a fast-changing world. 
The debates kicked off in June and will run through to the autumn when RIBA Journal celebrates its 120th anniversary.
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Counting the Difference
27th June 2013
CBI Conference Centre

See highlights and video interviews from the first debate 'Counting the Difference' here. 
'British architecture is in flux. There is little in the way of public sector patronage and a dearth of private sector clients. The increasing preoccupation with cost certainty and environmental... 

Collective Conscience
11th July 2013
See highlights and video interviews from the second debate 'Collective Conscience' here. 
'Architecture's status as a formal Profession suggests a collective custodianship of shared knowledge, shared values and a shared sense of purpose; a body of practitioners bound not simply by collective self-interest but by an ethical and moral agenda that transcends... 
Home and Away
30th Sept 2013
See highlights and video interviews from the third debate 'Home and Away' here. 
'Economic recession, advances in technology and communications, cut-price flights and an increasing awareness of global opportunities and markets mean... 
Blurring the Boundaries
9 October
See highlights and video interviews from the final debate 'Blurring the Boundaries' here. 

'Our best-loved cities and towns evolved gradually over centuries. Yet the urgent need for new housing and urban renewal calls for the rapid creation of reinvention of entire neighbourhoods. How can we imbue contemporary developments with the character and atmosphere that will...